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Portrait Sebastian A. Weiß

Sebastian A. Weiß – Dipl. Media System Designer (FH)

Nationality: German
Date of Birth: 29.05.1978
Place of Birth: Darmstadt, Germany
Language Skills: German (native), English (fluent)


06/09 – today Technical Director at „nacamar GmbH“

Selected Projects

ZDF-mediathek – project manager operating the channel`s on demand service. Concept and setup of the platforms for different kinds of delivery, account managing and reporting of the monthly KPIs, responsible for an expansion meeting the demand to ensure the operation.

Setup of a high performance data aggregation platform, including accounting and datawarehouse: project manager, conception and setup of platforms processing log data and server data in real time (Big Data), focus on scaling and stability, use of Hadoop as processing cluster, processing of up to 40 mio datasets a day.

Setup of the new clients´portal: project manager, conception and development, coordination wiht external service providers, technology: Java Enterprise Server Liferay, Glassfish application server, Portlet development on the basis of Java Server Faces.

Development and extension of nacamar´s own delivery technologies used for HbbTV: project manager and main developer of this technology, development of delivery technologies according to the HbbTV standards 1.1 and 1.5.


Disciplinary responsibility for up to 10 employees

Head of Technical Operations, Technical Services and Research & Development

Responsible for a cost center budget of approx. 1 MEUR

3/04 – today Research Project „Scenejo“

New solutions in the field of digital storytelling, using artificial natural speach agents and enabling the user to influence the course of dialog.

Surveys in communication between human being and machine as well as e-learning.

Joint project with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Müller (University of Education, Weingarten) and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Spierling (University of Applied Sciences Rhein-Main).


09/05 – 03/10 Managing Director and Head of Development at „weiß&schmidt“

Selected Projects

Implementation of "Liquid Scatter Space`s" first version for Liquiverse GmbH until 2008, including the development of new and visionary UI-components. These resulted in a fundamentally new access to huge amounts of data for data mining, made possible through innovative user interfaces. For more information visit Liquiverse.
Technology used: Java, especially Java Swing

The project “Sound of the Squares” (comissioned by the city marketing of Mannheim) was realised in the course of the celebrations of Mannheim´s 400th anniversary in 2008. weiß&schmidt´s conception and realisation of the software sequencer was awarded the Yellow Pencil Award 2008 by the British artdirectors´ association D&AD in the section environmental design.
Technology used: MaxMSP and Java

Digital Video und Audio Signal Matrix for Tiscali Business GmbH. This platform was half-automated and gave control over live signal aquisition and playout of digital video signals. Therefore, it was possible to receive diverse satellite feeds as well as to redirect those signals to different delivered video streams. The switching could be done manually or automated on the basis of previously scheduled events.
Technology used: Java, Java Server Faces, weiß&schmidt's libraries for av-component control for Crest, Extron etc.

Audio and Video Stream Monitoring Platform for the measurement of Quality of Service respectively Quality of Experience for the streaming service provider Tiscali Business GmbH.
Technology used: Java, C#, Windows Media Framework, Actionscript 3.0; based on monitoring solution Nagios.


Disciplinary responsibility for up to 3 employees

Object oriented software development in the area of data visualization

Modelling of business processes

Generative software development and Model Driven Architecture

06/06 – 05/09 Assistant Research Fellow and Lecturer at University of Education Weingarten

Member of group "Media Education and Visualization (MeVis)"

Lectures concerning the following topics:

  • Media Creation and Conception
  • Java Programming
  • Programming Squeak - a Programming Language Appropriate for Children
  • Application of Podcasting for Classes

Research concerning the use of personal computers in classes as well Digital Storytelling

07/05 – 04/06 Member of German-Polish Artist's Radio "Radio_Copernicus",
University of Arts Berlin
thereof 12/05 – 04/06 Technichal Director

Live broadcasts via audio streaming and on air (UKW) from Stralsund (07/22 - 08/13/2005), Warszawa (09/01 - 09/31/2005), Berlin (11/01 - 11/23/2005) and Wrocław (12/01 - 12/31/2005)

Production and technical assistence of radio features

Setup, monitoring and maintanance of broadcasting equipment

Head of archiving the broadcasted audio material. Setup of a "Hörstation" at the "Center of Art and Media's" (ZKM) media library in Karlsruhe, Germany.

4/04 – 5/04 Software Consultant for Concept Creation and Implementation of a "Music On Demand" Testing Environment
for Tiscali Deutschland Business Division

Integration with web service interfaces of MOD Provider OD2

Development of a prototype eShop for payed-content.

4/02 – 3/04 Software Developer for Distributed Knowledge Management System "Dinow"
at ekkono GmbH Darmstadt

Development of the grafical user interface using Java Swing components

Refactoring of the existing source code

Development of a new communication system based on peer-to-peer concepts

Object oriented software design with focus on reusability and stability, including usage of design patterns

Usage of development tools "Ant", "JUnit", "Eclipse", "Sun One Studio" etc.

Application of "Extreme Programming" as software development process

Technology used: Java, Java Swing, JXTA, Lucene etc.

1/01 – 06/01 Concept and Realization of an Interactive Multimedia Presentation for Swiss Artist
Prof. Res Ingold (Munich)

Commissioned by media transfer GmbH Darmstadt, Germany

Concept creation and realization of an interactive multimedia appliacation used for an installation by "ingold airlines" at Frankfurt Airport during the "art Frankfurt" fair 2001.

Technology used: Macromedia Director, C++


2012 eco Internet Awards 2012 - Category IPTV
eco Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V.
2008 Yellow Pencil Award
Yellow Pencil Award, D&AD Awards, 2008


>20 years programming
>10 years object oriented design; design patterns
>10 years distributed systems; peer-to-peer
>10 years web services; XML
>10 years Java, PHP, C, Pascal
>10 years Eclipse, NetBeans
>10 years test-driven development (TDD); JUnit
>10 years Extreme Programming
>5 years broadcasting technologies
>5 years audio and video streaming technologies
>5 years Interactive Digital Storytelling
>5 years Intelligent Agents
>3 years Kaltura
>3 years VMWare
>3 years hosting services
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